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This is a stunning 7 stone gold ring. Reminiscent of lost shipwreck treasure or ancient jewellery buried deep beneath the soil. A gorgeous ring beautifully textured, 14ct yellow gold and adorned with 7 cast in place rubies and sapphires. A beautiful eye catching wedding band or celebration band.

This band does vary very slightly in width across the band and is approximately 3mm wide.

Every ring will be made to order and the cast ring will have a variety of rubies and sapphires totalling 7 stones, randomly placed and skilfully set during the molten metal casting stages. There will never be another ring quite like the ring you will receive.

You will receive a sand cast ring in 14ct yellow gold with a total of 7 cast in place sapphires and rubies of various sizes and by the nature of the process your ring may look close to the ring pictured but not exact. The pictured ring is for visual reference. If you would like your stones in a particular order (ie sapphire, ruby, sapphire, ruby etc) please let me know in the notes at checkout, otherwise you will receive a variation of the ring with grouped stone placement similar to that pictured (pictured ring: sapphires x3, rubies x3, sapphire x1). You are also welcome to request 7 of one particular stone such as ruby or sapphire. All stones will vary in size, every stone is unique and may vary from those pictured. If you would like diamonds instead of rubies and sapphires or would like to include a diamond or two to the 7 stone mix just ask and a quote will be sent to you.

The cast ring will be individually textured in sand and will be cast using recycled 14ct gold and every ring will look uniquely different and equally beautiful. The ring pictured is for reference only.

A ring in this style by Vanessa Miller Jewellery will make a beautiful wedding ring, commitment or partnership ring. And Your Gold Septuplet of stones sand ring can also be cast and textured using sand from your favourite beach to capture your own personal story and a beautiful way to celebrate your journey and eternal unity together.

Sapphires and rubies used are sourced by Vanessa and will vary in size, if you have a specific request please ask. Please note we can only use Sapphires, Rubies and Diamonds: colour and tone may vary subject to availability.


Every sand ring is created in its own single use only sand mould, no two moulds and therefore rings are ever or can ever be the same, and are always unique and individual just like a fingerprint.

Please also note the size, colour and or tone of stones used may also depend on what can be sourced at the time.


The sand : Please read the information guide here about using beach sand.


Sand rings can be made in Sterling silver or gold (any carat and either red, white or yellow) please get in touch and I will quote the cost of your ring(s): again please read the information guide.


All rings will be hallmarked at Birmingham Assay Office.

Gold Septuplet of Stones Sand Ring. 14ct Gold. Sapphires. Rubies.

  • Collecting beach sand

    In the UK and across many parts of the world the collection and removal of beach sand is prohibited in order to protect beaches and minimise sand loss. Although probably unheard of, the removal of beach sand can lead to hefty fines by local authorities.

    Therefore I discourage anyone from visiting a beach and scooping up large quantities of sand. Its also unnecessary as I only require a small amount which can be obtained from sand brushed off feet or shoes over a few visits.

    What kind of sand?

    Ideally fine or slightly coarse sand works best. Small Pebbly sand will be less likely to leave a sandy looking texture and will likely create divots and undulations with some of the tiny pebbles on occassion, but not always, becoming embedded in the metal itself. The sand you send to me does need to be clean and dry, I can't work with mud. Please send your sand to me dry and in a small container, please label it with the name of the beach and your name.

    I would really love a sand ring but I dont have a special beach, does that matter?

    You dont have to send me any beach sand. I have a small amount of miscellaneous sand that I can use if you have no particular preference and would simply like a ring cast with a unique beach sand texture.

    How can I order a sand ring?

    Every ring is made to order and is cast and finished inhouse. This ring is available in 14ct yellow gold please select from the drop down to order and pay for your ring. If you would prefer a different metal please get in touch and I can provide you with a quote.  Please ensure I have your contact details (email is fine) and I will request your beach sand (if using) and provide you with the address to post it to me at your expense.

    If you would like your ring in gold, please get in touch first and I will quote the total cost of your ring for you as the price of gold fluctuates. 

    Once agreed, I will send you a  payment link for full payment and the details of where to send your beach sand to (again this is posted to me at your expense). Work will begin on your ring once payment has been received and I have received your beach sand (if you are sending me any). Every ring will look different, with this process I cannot replicate rings.

    What if I dont know my ring size?

    Think about which finger you would like to wear your ring on as all fingers will likely measure differently. Once you have decided you can pop to any reputable jewellers and have your finger size measured. Alternatively I can send you a plastic ring sizer (not always very accurate) or if you have a ring that fits the finger you would like to wear your sand ring on you can post this to me with your sand for measuring, and your ring will be returned to you with your sand ring. 

    How long will I have to wait for my ring(s)?

    Approximately 6 - 8 weeks depending on when I receive your sand, current workload and time of year. If you require your rings for a specific date please let me know and I wil let you know whether I can meet this or not.

    Will left over sand be returned to me?

    No. I dont return unused sand. I will keep it labelled and use it for other rings if there is any left. Please do not send large quantities of sand, I only require a small amount that you can brush off feet and shoes after a walk across the sandy beach.

    Can I recycle my old jewellery?

    Yes you can. Gold or silver can be used. Bear in mind that with processing (which is all done inhouse) it will not always be the cheaper option and additional metal of the same standard will be added but it is good to know that you have recycled your old jewellery that would otherwise be left in a box unloved and forgotten and remade it into something quite special that will always worn. If this is something you would like to consider get in touch. 

  • Your jewellery will be carefully packaged inside a box in tissue paper and delivered to you nestled inside a recyclable carton as standard.

    I also offer a paid for gift wrap option. Find out more here: and add to your basket.

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