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Personalise your eGift card

If you have purchased a specific experience or an eGift Voucher (from now on called an eGift Card) with the intention of it being used against an Experience (a jewellery making workshop) and would like something a little fancier to accompany the eGift Card you have purchased or booking information received via email, you can request a lovely personalised/bespoke physical voucher to gift to the lucky recipient! Here at Vanessa Miller Jewellery & The Jewellers Peg we have given some thought behind how you may wish to present your gift. Below are a couple of examples of how your voucher will look for vouchers purchased against the workshops we offer. Currently I am offering this additional option free of charge and will be available until 17 December as the physical voucher will be posted to you 1st class Royal Mail - however you can still purchase a gift voucher that will be emailed automatically at any time. Please note you will need to request a personalised voucher and let me know what it is for and who it is for, including the full postal address so I know who to send it to. Please note I can only do this for UK addresses. Please keep an eye on your emails in case of any queries from me!

Please do read on but you will need to purchase either a course here or an eGift card first click here. before this option can created and posted to you:

Yes please, I would love to request a personalised voucher to accompany my purchase.

But what will it look like?

The gift voucher I will post to you has to be requested (sorry to mention this again but unless you request it I wont know you would like one); you will need to purchase the eGift Card or Experience you want to gift first. And you will need to hold onto/print the original email as it will contain all the vital info you will need, such as the voucher code required to redeem against a course -this information IS NOT included on the physical voucher I will post to you - I can't see your voucher code to include it!

The physical voucher I will create and personalise and post to you will look something similar to these two examples:

OK, so what's the process again?

1. Purchase your eGift Card here  or if you know the date and class you can book the Experience here

   *remember if you don't want the gift card to be emailed direct to your recipient only enter your            own email address, that way it will be sent to you and then you can print and present it with the voucher.

2. Contact me with your order details to request a printed and personalised voucher here ; you can request to include the recipients name and course added

3. I will check details (please keep an eye on your emails including spam in case I have any questions)

4. I will create the personalised voucher

5. Your bespoke voucher will be printed and posted for free via Royal Mail 1st class - please ensure you tell me the full postal address (UK only)

6. Don't forget to include the original eGift Card emailed to you when you gift the personalised voucher- your recipient will need the details from it if you have purchased a eGift card. 

Please accept my apologies if this sounds a complicated way about approaching this. It is in its trial stages and I hope it is much easier than it perhaps sounds here!


Please remember

You must purchase a eGift Card first or the course if you know the date. The personalised voucher must be requested after you have made your purchase and will be posted to you for free and will only state the course and whether it is for one or two people. It will not state the value or the voucher code for security reasons I cannot see the code generated for your voucher. It is very important to keep hold of the original emailed eGift Card as this will contain all the information and/or the code required to redeem the voucher you have purchased. If you lose or delete the voucher code unfortunately for security reasons I can't retrieve this information and as with any gift card purchase it is non-refundable and of no cash value. ALL VOUCHERS EMAILED OR PRINTED ARE VALID FOR 12 MONTHS FROM DATE OF PURCHASE.

Copy of gift experience vouchers 3_edite
Copy of gift experience vouchers 2_edite
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