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About Us

About Us

Designed with a Smile in Mind


Starting with a connection, and drawing from her inspirations, Vanessa's creative process draws from nature and wildlife, telling its story and celebrating the intricate details of our extraordinary world.

Vanessa believes that jewellery holds the power to spark emotion and create a lasting connection. With this in mind, each handcrafted piece is made with a commitment to quality and (ethically sourced? what's your USP?) precious metals.


Our jewellery is more than just an accessory - it's a celebration of our beautiful natural environment and the memories that shape us. 

With a range of stunning pieces, Vanessa handcrafts her jewellery in the heart of Birmingham's historic Jewellery Quarter.

From captivating necklaces echoing the beauty of the peacock feather, to bracelets inspired by the playful leaps of foxes in a moonlit forest, let the spirit of nature's dance empower you.


 Vanessa invites you to embrace the magic of Mother Nature and carry it with you
wherever you go.

Our Ethos

Commitment to Sustainability

Vanessa believes in designing with a smile in mind; that every piece of jewellery made is made to be loved, cherished and enjoyed by those who wear them with a vision that those pieces will be handed down through the generations. As a small business Vanessa recognises the impact her business, the industry she works within and its actions can have on the environment and its people. This is important to her and she is always working to improve and manage her environmental impact as much as she can by car sharing, walking, recycling, and only using reputable suppliers to purchase materials and gemstones from.  Vanessa has signed up to Ecologi, planting trees to reduce her carbon footprint click the image below for more info:

Meet The Maker


Vanessa Miller


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Vanessa is a one woman jeweller, she designs and skilfully hand crafts a range of original jewellery in precious metals from her bench in the very heart of the Jewellery  Quarter Birmingham. Using traditional techniques she handcrafts her three dimensional pieces by forming, modelling and carving to capture the intricate details and character of her subject, adorning with precious gemstones. Being in the heart of a historic thriving jewellery community means she is a short walk away from local specialist crafts people with whom she can work with for specific parts of the making process, and being a short walk away from so many skilled people means she can minimise her impact on the environment and support her local economy too.

Vanessa Millers Story...

Vanessa trained at the School of Jewellery (BCU) graduating with distinction in Jewellery and Silversmithing (HND), returning as Artist in Residence for two years followed by being crowned the second award winning Jeweller in Residence at the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter. After graduating she set up her business in Birmingham's historic Jewellery Quarter where she began designing and making from her tiny 'cupboard-like workshop', moving her studio to various premises within the community as her business has continued to grow and flourish, she is now located and settled into a larger premises on Spencer Street. Vanessa is a freelance Jewellery Tutor offering tuition from her studio 'The Jewellers Peg' and at the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter and is a permanent Artist Tutor at the Midlands Arts Centre.

Vanessa designs and hand-crafts precious metal jewellery ranging from small charm necklaces and earrings, to larger detailed pendants, brooches and rings; some with moving or hidden elements. Her work is inspired by nature, organic forms, the wonders of the world around her, holidays abroad and carefree, happy childhood memories. Through hand forming, sculpting and carving,  she aims to capture the special character of the subject and design with a smile in mind. 


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