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A beautiful, elegant sterling silver little fox bracelet. Set with raspberry red Rhodolite Garnets and deep red Thai Garnets.


Garnets are considered to be the stone of regeneration, stability and success; with Rhodolite garnets deriving their name from the Greek words meaning 'rose stone'. Known as the gem of inspiration it is said to heal the emotional soul bringing joy to the wearers heart. The garnet is the birthstone for January and also the stone to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of marriage.

The perfect stone to pair with confident and spritely little foxes. 


All items of jewellery are crafted inhouse by Vanessa Miller in her workshop in Birmingham's historic Jewellery Quarter. All orders are carefully crafted and beautifully finished, tucked inside a box wrapped in tissue paper and delivered to you nestled inside a recycled carton.


Did you know?
I also work to commission. I am very happy to discuss designs and ideas with you and create unique, wearable jewellery. So if you can't quite find what you are looking for then please get in touch with your commission!

Foxes Bracelet with large Garnets

  • Your jewellery will be carefully packaged inside a box in tissue paper and delivered to you nestled inside a recyclable carton as standard.

    I also offer a paid for gift wrap option. Find out more here: and add to your basket.

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